Harry Manfredini

Harry Manfredini

Friday the 13th Series – Composer
Appearing: Fri/Sat

Harry Manfredini is an American composer and jazz soloist, who has scored more than one hundred films, including most of the Friday the 13th series. He has had years of classical training, as well as twenty years in the popular music scene.[1] In conversation with Russian journalist and composer Tony Vilgotsky, Harry Manfredini said that his musical tastes and style were influenced by such composers as Giacomo Puccini, Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Ravel and others.


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Solo: $60

Friday the 13th Cast Reunion with Warrington Gillette, C.J. Graham, Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Lauren-Marie Taylor, Dick Wieand, Thom Mathews & Harry Manfredini: $420