Maurizio Guarini is a musician and composer, mostly known as a part of the band Goblin. Since the mid 70’s, Goblin has been a reference point for soundtracks of horror and thriller films. The band composed several iconic scores for classics such as Suspiria, Dawn of the Dead, Contamination, Buio Omega, as well as most of the movies directed by Dario Argento. Outside of Goblin, Maurizio collaborated in other horror movies. His synths are the sound of many classic Lucio Fulci movies like City of Living Dead, The Beyond and Zombie.
Over the past several years, Goblin has reunited after decades and started touring around the world, bringing their unique sound on stage in Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and finally North America, where the band toured four times in the past five years. In 2013, Maurizio released a solo album, “Creatured from a Drawer”. Recently, Maurizio worked on several soundtracks and scores for spoken word pieces, while still touring, both with Goblin and as a solo musician. In 2017, Maurizio started a new project performing a live soundtrack to the silent movie Inferno from 1911. Maurizio is currently working on several studio albums.
Maurizio Guarini will be appearing both days.